As an independent registered advisor, we can offer significant benefits to you, your firm and your employees.




The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) enforces ERISA and provides compliance assistance to plan participants and beneficiaries. Click here to send an email to WAG requesting the latest laws and regulations regarding employee benefit plans.

Wealth Advisory Group provides a comprehensive corporate retirement plan solution to a variety of small to mid-sized, closely held corporate clients throughout the entire Mid Atlantic region. We have been overseeing retirement plans and delivering one-stop solutions since 1993.  Because we are independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), and not associated with any one investment manager, fund family, or recordkeeping platform, we are able to offer some significant benefits:

Investment Independence. Our independence serves as the foundation for everything we do and how we achieve it. We believe it sets us apart from other firms in three critical ways that add value to your experience:

    • Unbiased Evaluations & Recommendations. Not being tied to any particular mutual funds or insurance products enables us to impartially evaluate thousands of mutual funds and other products and select those that meet your specific criteria, while outperforming their peer group and minimizing your investment risk.
    • Fee Transparency. We offer simple, straightforward pricing. As an independent RIA, our only allegiance is to our clients. We are not influenced by factors such as commissions or other incentives, which we believe represent a conflict of interests with our clients. This is why we offer fee-based rather than only commission-based services.
    • Reasonable Cost. Many commissions are “hidden” from the client. When you know exactlywhat you are paying for a product or service you can be sure that it is reasonable and fair

Proven Leadership Team.  Our leadership team has a breadth of experience across multiple disciplines to offer you a truly integrated solution to your wealth management needs. Our backgrounds include experience in investments, insurance, estate planning, education strategies/college funding, and corporate benefits.  Whether working with an executive team at a small public company or a successful business owner trying to attract and retain employees, we have worked with such a variety of companies, people, and economic situations, and we bring those experiences to every client we serve. Click here to learn more about our team.

Participant education. We help your employees understand their plan. Wealth Advisory Group classifies all eligible employees into one of four groups: Getting Started, Wealth Accumulation, Retirement Readiness, or Enjoying Retirement.  Each group has very different needs which we are able to personalize based on this understanding.

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